41 followers on Twitter?!

Dead serious here!

Okay, this all started when, whilst waiting for the bus on a quiet Thursday morning (aka yesterday.) Out of the off-chance that it would be for fun, I went on Twitter on my cell phone and saw Hiddlememes’ new meme during the hype of Only Lovers Left Alive. Because Tilda Swinton played Jadis from Narnia, I replied back this: “Or alternatively, Loki and the White Witch on their date. In disguise.” 

A day of school later and on the bus home, Hiddlememes made a new version of the new meme. And the responses were enormous. Then I look at Tumblr and it was flipping popular!

Then tonight, my Twitter account (EvaWilliams5) actually got a promotion, so now I’m at 41 followers. 9 more and I will get 50!

So, holy cow!

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